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    Default Failed in black proper screen mode for g2rd!

    Does anyone having this problems same as me?

    When I login to MapleGlobal.exe (real server) , it works fine to me, but every time I try to login to private maple.exe and it gave me an error :Failed in black proper screen mode for Gr2D" and jumps back to desktop. i have also use maple installer folder (setup.exe) to set the frequency - and i can sees alt+h, and it gave me an error of failed in black proper screen mode

    a) What's the best possibility of downloading the graphics card (I need 800x600) and I do not know which one shall i get. Check the attached picture.
    b) How to solve this problem?

    Name: Mobility Radeon
    Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc
    Chip name: Mobility Radeon AGP (0x4C59)
    DAC Type: Internal DAC (350MHZ)
    Current display mode: 1024x 768 (16bit) (60HZ)
    Monitor: default monitor

    (I need 800 x 600) to play on private maple.exe , which one shall i get ?
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