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I agree with Vape. I have been playing trickster since CB. I have several accounts diffrent classes. Each has it's own pros and cons in pvp and pve.

Trickster does a great job always having 2-3 events running per month per season. Also they are one of the few games that give out free cash points to players. Constantly giving cashitems and coins to it's players thru events.

Pvp is almost like rockpaper sissors in a way. Certain classes have skills that disable other classes and over power them. Example is silencing a magic type so he cannot use magic. Reducing armor on a physical type to kill him faster. Thats why they have Physical/Sense/Charm/Magic.

Depends on your build/stats equipment skill and lag.
Lag is for the win DEMON. Haha. You could be the best possible kind of PVP person and the lag would kill you. So it all really narrows down to whether both you and your computer are capable of surviving in PVP.

You can survive perfectly fine with just in game based items. But if you play Trickster, there's still events. "If your account has been inactive since Sept. 1st you will get free items" for example. Even if you can't afford it, Ntreev STILL releases cash items to players who are currently playing or haven't been online for a while. Unless you just started, there's almost a guarantee than you have at least one cash item/wep/pet. There's that chance that you always sign on at the wrong times too. T_T

I like your explanation of rock paper scissors. Each class can overtake another but in turn they can also be overtaken by another. I'm not too creative with words so I'll use that kind of example in other forums.