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Thread: Cash shop Dependant?

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    It's hard for me to say, since I use the cash shop......I'm addicted to it.
    I love the game, even before I used the cash stuff, it really drew me in. The quests are fun, there's so much to do. I love drilling! I could drill for hours! Sorry if that doesnt answer your question, but honestly I dont feel you NEED the cash shop items to play or level in the game.

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    The game is not Cash Shop dependant only the PVP is (if you are going up against a person with CS that is.) But if you got two people who are both using the best CS gear available, who wins? Some classes still cannot fare well against others. though I will say, without CS items, some builds will die in one hit against someone who does have them so you can say that the PVP is.

    But for everything else? nah, cash shop isn't nessescary. PVP is only one part of the game. It's not like that's the only thing you can do in trickster. so no, the game is not cash shop dependant, just the PVP.
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