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Thread: My gunz still crash after I formated my computer!

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    Default My gunz still crash after I formated my computer!

    I was have the problem crash on gunz,and someone told me it's because you used Moonlight engine so its make the gunz to crash.
    he told me I need to download again the Moonlight engine ,and to run kernunloader.exe.
    I did It and after I ran it Its say "driver is unload successfully" or something like that,but its not solved my crash.
    So I formated my computer to fix the problem and I download the gunz again and I tried to playing but I have the crash also :[
    I dont know what to do I facking did all the things possibles can be but I still have the Crash problem please help me =[

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    Well if you're using an engine, it means that you are hacking, and there are no hack discussions here.

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