RareSumo's All-In-One jLunia Starting Guide

Step 1: Getting the jLunia Client
You can find the jLunia client here. If you can't download something from a direct link, there's not much help for you.

Step 2: Registering for jLunia
Head over to the jLunia Registration Page and get registered. I'm trying to keep this guide fairly graphics-free, so I'll just tell you what to put.

Nexon ID: Put your log-in name here. Click the box next to it.
Forum ID: Put the same thing here, or something random. Click the box.
Password: >_> Duh?
Password Confirmation: Put your password again.
Gender: Male is on the left, Female is on the right.
State: Pick the last one (沖縄県). This is Okinawa.
Last Name/First Name:
Last Name/First Name:
--Ok. If you're a guy, put this:
山田 太郎
山田 太郎
In the 4 boxes. If you're female, put this:
山田 花子
山田 花子
E-mail: Put your e-mail, hit the button again.
E-mail Confirmation: Just put your e-mail again.
Phone: 098-####-#### .. just put any numbers. It's important that you put 098 in the first box if you chose Okinawa as your location.
E-mail Updates: Default is no.. so don't bother. Left button will make them spam you IN JAPANESE. If you really want that, change this.
Birthday: Format is YYYY/MM/DD. If you were born January 2nd, 2008.. you would type 2008 | 01 | 02.
Secret Question: Pick anything here..
Secret Q Answer: Put anything, it can be in English.
At the bottom: Hit the RIGHT button out of the two under their ToS. Check your e-mail and click the FIRST link of the two inside it to confirm.

Step 3: Making sure your computer has Japanese selected for Non-Unicode characters.
I won't lie, I used this guide... and you should either do the same or google it, or go to Microsoft's website, ask a friend, something. If you get stuck on this, add raresumo@hotmail.com on MSN and let me know that you're having trouble and I'll do it over remote access. I just can't describe how it's done well enough.

Step 4: Installing jLunia.
Double click the installer. Anything that has (N) at the end is a Next button. Any time you see 2 buttons, the left is OK and the right is Cancel. You may end up closing it a few times, but just keep trying. Eventually you'll get it.

Step 5: Making it 95% English
Head over to here and get the GLunia English text to put over your Japanese text from jLunia. This Japanese.zip needs to be placed over the one currently in x:\Nexon\Lunia_JP\Locales\ and will make jLunia 95% English. Some of their event quests, and everything with Krieg will still be in JP, but it's livable.

Step 6: Playing jLunia!
Run the program and load up jLunia. Make a new character, and play. My character is a Dacy named RareSumo and my home square is 10. Don't be afraid to whisper me in-game.. and it's rude to speak English publically in their server, so please don't ruin it for the rest of us by doing so. Keep it to PMs.

Step 7: Meet up with English-Speakers
Post your in-game name, level, and class over at the MyLunia jLunia Directory to meet up with other English speakers on the server. If you're not a member of MyLunia already, I highly suggest you register and take a look around.