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Thread: Big Auction Rare Stuff ~Jewelia~

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    Thumbs up Big Auction Rare Stuff ~Jewelia~

    This is my very first post and i'm havin an auction that has all the goodies u need.

    Please leave ur offer for the items you are interested in as well as ur IGN and active login server and when u r online.

    the list:

    Golden Mole Vest x1 starting from:2mil

    Pharaoh Hat (Clean) x1 starting from:2mil

    Master Katana (Fire Attr +32%) x1 starting from:2.5mil

    Sharp Flat Sword x1 starting from:1.5mil

    Anniv. Gold Neclass x1 starting from:2mil

    Mind Body Charm x1 starting from:750k

    Nono Ring x1 starting from:2mil

    Ult.Beanie x1 starting from:20k

    Stout Iron Cap x1 starting from:15k

    Clever Felt Hood x1 starting from:17k

    Health seal x1 starting from:150k

    Megalo Pouch x1 starting from:50k

    Ult. Knife x1 starting from:35k

    NOTE:If no 1 offerred a better offer than urs after 3 days, the item is urs

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    i'll give 1.6mil for gmv.

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    is this post alive ?? i want to buy your GMV for 2.2mil

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