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Thread: New to the game and really good

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    Default New to the game and really good

    I have started playing exteel like a day or two ago and I am actually very good at it. I mostly play Team DM and I have placed first in whole match every game. I usually am the one who pritty much saves us from loosing. I do not get my points through Kill Stealing I actually can take on like 2 people at a time by myself. As my first weps I use Duel Beam Spitters-C and my second are the Planet things I think the First smg. I have the best booster and I am currently saving for new pieces of armour.

    Anyway I was wondering if anyone needed someone for there clan or somthing.

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    you probably won't get a response here since people rarely use the exteel forum here, its better to go to the real exteel forum. because its more active there and remember you gotta be lvl 15+ to join a guild.

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