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    Default newbie here

    I have a bunch of questions that just came up at the last second, how do you get a cape? I want to know that and eggs, you get them from drop right? Also where can I get some good guides and stuff about builds. thanks. Oh also how do you make the auto attack use more than one skill at a time?
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    Default About the cape

    If you reach lvl 101-116, go to Azran. Locate the Training Guard, at the south part of Azran. Talk to the gaurd and he will transfer you to place where you can talk to tha Training Leasder. Talk ot the Training leader to begin the quest.

    Kill Taurus King - The one with Gold like appearnce

    After killing some of the Taurus King, you will obtain a Apprentice Emblem.
    Give the Apprentice Emblem to the Training Leader.

    He will give you a reward.

    The Cape of Apprentice.

    Happy Gaming!!^w^

    The eggs are only dropped by monsters. It is random so I am not giving any monster names where you can hunt some.^w^

    but I do know that I got one from the Dungeon I gess you can start off there.^w^

    Happy gaming!!
    For more needed information and guide just visit
    ^w^ Good sight indeed!!^o^
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