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    Default EverRun Online MMOG

    Game Name: EverRun Online

    Game Description:

    Get ready for a new upcoming game, EverRun!

    ---What is EverRun Online?---
    EverRun Online is an Elite Inspired 2D Side Scrolling MMOG, that will be sure to blow everyones mind. With stunning Special Effects EverRun Online will be one of the top 2D MMO's ot there. Characters have their own special stunning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd even 4th and later 5th grade abilities. With breathtaking graphical effects that will draw players into the action. Players will enjoy upgrading their special abilities and tweaking their characters in EverRun Online.

    ---Character Customization---
    EverRun Online allows players to customize their own characters by increasing their character levels. However, they are also given access to more character customization options through a wide selection of cute and useful weapons, armor, and accessories that can dramatically change the look and abilities of characters.

    ---Advance Fighting Styles---
    EverRun Online's characters can advance to First, Second and Third, fourth and soon 5th Jobs that offer enhanced fighting styles that will motivate players to develop their characters to the next level. All jobs have stunning attacks and powers that brings a new look to 2D Side scrolling games.


    Publisher: NewVision Inc

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: 2D Graphics

    Status: Beta Version - Fall of 2008

    Forum Link:
    EverRun Forums

    Website Link:
    *Remember with a dash.

    Go on the forums to find out more about the game while you are waiting for the release.
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