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Thread: PreAlpha Testing Newsletter 3 - Chaos War

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    Default PreAlpha Testing Newsletter 3 - Chaos War

    As you may know there are a lot of conflicts happening between different races in this chaotic land. Wars take place continuously and a lot of heroes are coming out. Maybe, you will be the next one?

    As the approach of the dark journey, today let us take a look at the very chaotic war system of Chaos Online.

    Currently there are three types of war happening on this ancient land: Mine War, Border War and Race War.

    Mine War

    If you need some ores to repair your items, you have to go to the Chaos Island to dig the ores from the mine guarded by your race. The island, however, is an important strategy position since people are unarmed in the mine. It’ll be a nightmare if the other races invade your mine pit but you can rage an unexpected mine war on them as well. If you wish to engage in this battle, you can go to the mine of the other race in Chaos Island to strike down their flag. Once the flag is taken down, all the guards in the mine area will disappear. Then you can go to the mine cave to kill the miners. You will not be punished and marked red when killing enemies.

    Border War

    You can play Border War between 6 PM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday. Your task is to destroy the enemy’s Guardian Stones in 3 different places. Once the war is started, elite monsters will appear to protect the guardian stones. When a stone is finally destroyed, the race that did the most damages will be counted. When there is only 1 race Guardian Stones left, the war will end. If all three races have some remaining Guardian Stones at 10 PM, nobody wins. All the participants will receive a special buff form the War Recruiter at the beginning of the war, which means those who don’t attend the war will not be able to buff or heal these warriors. Those who haven’t signed up for the war will not be able to attack elite monsters and the Guardian Stones as well. One more thing, you won’t lose anything if elite monsters kill you. The reward will be the Reputation, which is very useful in the world of Chaos Online.

    Race War

    Race War takes place on Saturday between the times of 7PM and 10:30 PM PST. Imagine Race War being like King of the Hill meets Capture the Flag! Now in the beginning of the war, each race will have one Guardian Beast. Now for the fun part! You will need to help your race kill one of the other Guardian Beasts. Once you kill it, you will get the enemy race’s medal but you need go back to your race Altar and keep your character undead for 15 minutes, with a 50% damage absorbed buff. During the 15 minutes, if you are killed by the enemy race warriors, the medal will be dropped and the enemy warrior who picks it up needs to go to his race Altar and hold it for 15 minutes as well. As the Medal goes back and forth to each Race’s Alter if you can achieve the task of keeping the Medal for 15 minutes you will be able to take the Medal to the “God of Chaos”! The one faithful hero that achieves this task will be awarded an exclusive super awakened weapon and armor for the duration of the next 6 days. Wait there is more! Each combatant of the winning race will be rewarded with a great amount of experience, money, and honor points! Furthermore the winning race will have the privilege of mining in the Crystal Ore Mine as well as be able to purchase Special Goods from the Mysterious NPC! The loosing race need not fret though as they will receive a small reward for participating!

    Do you think you have what it takes to battle in the 3 wars? Will you come to the aid of a fellow member of your race in “Race War”, or simply watch him die, because it will be your only chance at to win the Unique Super Set of Gear? Do you have what it takes to be a guild leader and negotiate with other race guilds to ambush the third race? Will you be able to share the spoils of war or will you battle with your allies to see who wins?

    The possibilities are endless. Enter into the dark world of Chaos Online and show everyone you have what it takes to survive in utter Chaos!

    Come and join Chaos Online with me! It's fun!

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    Sounds epic, I can't wait to pwn people in wars.

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