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    Default NA ROSE Guides!

    I see a lot of spam going on over what build is best and what skills to use. Below are links that should help, so for those people who are lazy...
    Your Welcome

    I will be adding more guides and such as soon i find good ones.

    Introduction to ROSE online - READ!


    Dealer - Stats Builds

    Dealer - Skills
    Artisans are pure crafters so i suggest getting a summon, either a warrior or the archer, pick only one cause two are a waste of skill points. (About the two summons, if you are going to get Terror Knight summon, then you will need both warrior and archer summons. I suggest getting only one until you can get Terror Knight.) You should start beginning to craft when you go your 2nd job which is Artisan.

    Bourgs skills are alot more fun than other class imo. They also can get 2nd job summons too so you can pick a summon too. Each has a Gun build or Launcher, Gun is for crits and speed and launcher is power.
    For Gun get the skill Sniping and for Launcher get Demolition (forgot name). After that try getting Mastwer twin shot.


    Hawker - Bow
    Hawker - Katar and Dual Weilder's

    Hawker - Stats
    As for stats here is what i found out
    Bows need Dex for power, Con for accuracy and Sen for criticals
    3:1:1 is a good ratio, keeping con and sen at your level and maxing Dex all the way.
    Katar are practically the same as bows, but i would do 3:1:2 keeping Con at your level and Sen above Con and Dex all the way. Your raw AP is low but crits will be flying all over the place.
    Dual Weild's are all about attack power. I suggest doing a 2:3:1 build.
    2 Str, 3 Dex, and 1 Con.


    Muse - Skills

    Muse - FS Skills
    There are two distinct versions of a FS, one is a fighter and one is PURE support.
    Fighters tend to use summons and then they buff their summons for attack power. Supports are always in a party.
    Fighters should get the skill "Phantom Sword" ASAP, and max it right away. This allows you to level fast, then on you should try getting the buffs.
    PURE Support should just skip the summons and get usefull skills like bonfire and all buffs right away, and you will be partying ALOT!

    Muse - Stats

    FS should go All INT and con at half your level and sen at the same as your level.


    Soldier - Other people

    Soldier - Skills
    You should pick one distinct weapon group and follow it.

    Soldier - Stats
    Pure Str and Con at your level. Its a standard build.
    Tank, since str gives def power too, go pure str and nothing else.

    Leveling Guide
    1-10 - Adventurer's Plains, basically it will take you 15 mins if you just fight here.
    11-20 - Outside of Zant, fighting Woopies until level 20.
    21-30 - Basically continuing to fight Woopies, monsters are harder and time consuming any where else. At level 25 head over to Breezy Hills and fight the small Dalphings. Try partying at the water and fight Cracks.
    31-40 - If you have alot of defence head over to Junon and kill little Moldies. If not head over to Anima Lake and fight mini Porkies til level 35. Then head to moldies.
    41-50 - At level 41 go to the Forest of Wisdom and fight little Smoulies. At level 47 (when you get your next weapon) head to the very bottom left corner of the map and fight little Clowns. regular Clowns have too much defence.
    51-60 - Continue fighting little Clowns til about level 53-54, then head over to the Beach and start killing Doongas.
    61-70 - Doonga's should keep you happy until your level 63-64. At this level you can head over to the beach and get into a party. Start killing Krawfies.
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