[Lostica][2d Side-Scroller MMORPG] Open Beta - By MrMiguu

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Lostica Current Status -

[glow=red,2,300]ACCOUNT WIPE (couldn't just delete character.data files)
All CLOSED BETA testers will receive a special gift for helping![/glow]

-Fixed EXP Rates (too high before)
-Fixed Party Quest (99% fully functional)
-Fixed Orbis Drops (too high before)
-Created all weapons for all classes
-Completed 1st and 2nd job advancements
-Making new Stranger or Villager Quest (33% Done)
-Finished All jobs clothes and Accesories
-Created most houses indoor maps (98% done)
-Made more flexible Custom menu/OnClick system, easy to work with
-A lot of bugs fixed (Ladder shooting/Gap Shooting and others)
-Finished Tutorial Island shops (85%)
-Created more job advancement classes
-Job Advancements that branch (ex. Rogue -> Assilant or Bandit, you choose)
-Fully updated Paperdoll items, new customs and revamped items
-GODLY GUI! (Thank Japez for GFX)
-Name early release -Lostica-
-New videos added to youtube!
[NOTE] If you are caught abusing a glitch or error in development in gameplay to cheat in some way, then you will be warned the first time, 2nd time jailed, third time banned. Please don't hack/abuse the game's loopholes.

"Please, enjoy yourselves and have a good time." - MrMiguu

Sincerely MrMiguu

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[Sneak Peak!]

- Before existance, god has deemed his greatest soul reaper "Haiku" the honor of his abilities and using them on mortals to protect earth and substain balance within this planet. Haiku is born as a mortal and is on his own to become the universe's greatest soul reaper, but to do so he must train his body and mind to establish perfection of the soul reaper creed. The members of this creed are sent to different planets to maintain their balance and stability, but something goes horribly wrong with Earth, the planet Haiku is assigned to. The leading nation; Lithuania, has been conquered by Chizou, a mischivious country that plans to rule the world and eventually the universe. Haiku; previously living in Lithuania, has been forced to live in the small remains of the country, deemed down to a 3rd world country if less. He must rise back up in the ranks, train himself, and restore one of the greatest nations in all of Earth; Lithuania. The story behind Lithuania is... they conquered other nations peacefully and in bloodless ways. No slavery or oppression in this mighty growing nation but the Hiolo tribe becomes very envyous that their nation has been conquered. They brainwash their children and kill the non-believer's of the false accusation that the conquering of their land was very horrid with many deaths, this leads to sinister plots with Chizou to plan a sneek attack against the Lithuanian government to destory this powerful nation with malevolent scheems. The Chizou army attacks the capital of Lithuania and a second holocaust is born, more cruel than what happened in world war two to the poor extinct human race. Haiku was one of the few survivors in this holocaust and the new small Lithuanian community builds a small country land and memorial for all thoes that have suffered durring this holocaust. It's up to Haiku and the others to restore their nation and gain back the land that was lost against the Chizou army. Chizou has turned on the Hiolo's and made them slaves, so they are very insecure about their previous lies and wish to form and alliance with the Lithuanian's, but after their backstabbed-plans that led to the previous holocaust, the Lithuanians have a very cold sholder towards them and plan to go against the Chizou army on their own. Stopping corruption; Haiku will have to actually do this alone by summoning the army of the undead from the depths of hell to protect him in his aid since the remains of the Lithuanian community have banished him for killing their soon to-be prince. Haiku sets out alone towards a new land to start a new life and regain his honor and respect from all of mother Earth and everyone populating it. But this request of summoning the undead from hell leads to a conflict between heaven and hell... along with civil wars within their own universe's... to be continued!

- Inter-Dimensional Market (all dimensions connect to one market place)
- Inter-Dimensional PVP Arena (all dimensions connect to one PVP arena)
- Grapple Hook System (shoot grapple hook across ledges to reach other end)
- 4 Jobs +Expansion jobs afterward (Alchemist, Rogue, Scout, Monk)
- Party Quests (Party of +4 members take on adventurous quest together)
- Pet System (comming soon)
- Fully Functional Tutorial Island
- NPC Pop-Up Chat boxes
- Personal Player Profiles
- Quest System
- Guild Quests (comming soon)
- Customizable Characters
- Fully Paperdolled
...and much more to come!

Please post any questions regarding this project and/or it's features, or PM me at MrMiguu@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your support!
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