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Thread: Sneak Peek!

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    Default Sneak Peek!

    So I had the privilege to play around with Chaos when it was in its translation phase and decided to give you guys some screen shots I took while playing!

    I wish I took more interesting ones
    I took a lot of boring ones for translation purposes/errors but Enjoy!

    Ridden on the horse. This beast of burden is a wonderful way to get around.
    Fortunately you get him for free! Unfortunately only for a short time

    This is my first piece of perfect equipment. Perfect is the best quality for a piece of equipment and it glows when you wear it. Not this item since it is a small neckle but weapons and armors glow =)

    I made a two socket equipment! The item crafting is really cool in this game. It gives you the percentages on crafting so you know how much chance you're going to take when crafting your item. There are many different ways you can craft your items. You craft for gems, sockets, quality, levels...many different ways to make and improve your equipment. Out of everything in the game I enjoyed the crafting the most.

    I look forward to playing with you all =D

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    Awesome, thanks for the screenies, I'm even more excited to help test this game now.
    Games looking forward to:
    Ashes of Creation (MMORPG)
    Absolver (Multiplayer Online)

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    Sweet, nice screenies.

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