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    Hey guys!

    Well, perhaps this is a stupid question; but I just wanted to know; IS THERE, and WHAT IS is the difference between the NDOORS GoonZu and the ijji GoonZu?

    Any explanation for me? I don't know which one to download from :o

    Sorry for the dumb questions, I looked but didn't find any answers!

    Have a great day everyone!!!


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    Apparently, ( I think ) ijji uses a program/client thingy to run their version of luminary on the Ndoors server?? There is no difference, the ijji was a part of a different server then got moved to ndoors.
    They now play along side of ndoors peeps in game, but have a different way of logging in than the basic ndoors user does.
    maybe.its just hearsay of what others saidin game.
    I am no expert.
    I just offer what I know.

    Play Luminary!

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