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Thread: underOATH Guild..

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    Default underOATH Guild..

    Well some have herd of this Guild already, Its a Guild for 4 different games flyff,soon trickster,soon hrose*private server* cant discuss that here, and soon for this game as well. I wont provide you with all the information of this guild now but something for you guys to know ahead there will be guild events where you can awards from the cash shops. For more info register at our forum and pm Kaitos.

    I mean com on free cash shop items. Well not completly free you just have to earn it.

    Heres our Guild Forum> you register and there are 4 different sections with 4 different games wich are mentioned at top. Trickster,Nostale,Hrose,and Flyff you just write what ign your goin to have,Job,Next job Advacement..ect

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