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Thread: Bryan (Real's) Review of Chaos Online

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    Default Bryan (Real's) Review of Chaos Online

    It all started in late July, the hype for Chaos Online was relentless, starting a smooth marketing plot with outposts on Myspace, and a website that gave us a taste of the features inside of Chaos. From there, it was history...

    August 6th, 12 AM EST
    Chaos Starts, players log on and get to the leveling.

    I'll review Chaos Online

    Chaos Online is very unique in this function, in terms of gameplay, that is. Players choose from one of three factions, Genotian (woot), Draconian, and Natarian. All with 3 different classes of the same archetype. The ranged class, the magic class, and the melee class. I hopped on as a Genotian Gunman. As I started in the novice area, I was greeted by a Novice Mentor who gave me the basic what-to-do in the area, and rewarded me if I listened by asking me questions and me responding with answers. After, I was elated to have a party invite for me. I accepted and was pleased to see that the more members in your party that are in the same area as you, the extra EXP you get, in increments of 4%, 8%, 12%, and 16%.

    20 Levels Later; August 7th, 2008, 11PM EST
    Me and other Genotians awaited the Border War to start, the border war consists of 3 guardian stones, one for each race, scattered in that race's territory. The goal is to attack and do the most damage to the hostile race's stone, while defending your own. The war started, my race made an all out blitz for our own stone, and waiting about 30 minutes to go for theirs. After we got an all clear, we blitzed for enemy stones, but there was no use as the monster aggressiveness was very hostile. The war ended up in a draw at about 2AM EST.

    Overall, Chaos Online has many gameplay features, but none to really "wow" users, but this is just an Alpha, many changes can be made.
    So, it gets a:

    This is where Chaos Online shines. Along with it's unique weapon leveling and refining system, there is two more war systems along with the Border War, including the Resource War, and the Mine War. The cash shop is balanced, for the most, there is stones in the cash shop that you can use to weapon upgrade, but everything can EASILY be earned in-game. There is also a feature that I personally like, the Eudemon system. Instead of having a pet, you can absorb a monster's power unto your weapon, thus giving it extra stats and features.

    Overall, Chaos Online is chalked full of features, and it basically is the reason why Chaos Online is so unique, just for sheer originality, it gets a:

    Chaos Online isn't the best in terms of graphics, I'll let you know that now. Some of the textures and character models don't look all too good, but the skill effects are SPECTACULAR. I never thought a 2D game could have such good skill effects, often topped off by almost a light show.

    Overall, Chaos Online's skill effects are the best thing going for it, and models could use some work. It gets a:

    Community and Support:
    Another one of Chaos Online's highlights, this game is LOADED with community features. Creating teams, marriages, guilds, representing your faction... whatever it is you can name, Chaos Online has got it. Once logged on the game, Engputer, a game GM/PM greeted us Genotians and was highlighting us on the soccer game in China, which is pretty cool. I mean... we were asking questions and he'd answer them as soon as we'd post them!

    It gets a:

    Chaos Online is a gem in a field full of sand, it's a very unique game for people with certain tastes like mine, not everyone may like it, but if you're looking for a game with potential, Chaos Online has it!

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    A very nice review, but some things I could disagree with like the 'support', the GMs really aren't informative in anything, and they go AFK 3/4 of the time their online (At least OURS does (Gen)). I could understand that they're busy, but I mean, a LITTLE support is better than none.

    Example: During the Border War, the GM gave wrong information (Engputer said to go to War Informant which had nothing to do with it) so that left us confused, then told us NOTHING about what to do, and then the website has NOTHING about what to do, so we had to spend an hour searching to find out, and Black(don't remember the rest of his name) had to check the Korean/chinese website for info.

    Really it's all trial and error right now, and it's VERY annoying with the massive amount of bugs circulating the game.

    Also Boarder Wars:

    Each race has 4 guardian stones, the race with the most stones in two hours wins. If one race loses all of their stones, they're cut. Which was why it was a draw, we were so weak, no one could put a scratch on a stone.
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    very good review bryan.

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    Thanks Bryan...

    Yeah, should be the event manager, i made a mistake... and most of the time we were working offline the game so, currently not that many GMs are in game...And we know some of the decent gamers can figure the game out quickly since they'are experienced in beta testing.

    As to some important features, i think most of them are posted in our official website, in form of newsletter and newbie guide. Don't miss them

    We will work harder to reduce the blocks for the newbies. We will aim at the gameplay. We will do whatever we can to make a game fun.

    Come and join Chaos Online with me! It's fun!

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    One thing i don't like about the graphics is the character models. It's weird they are like 3D, it just doesn't blend with the environment.

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    nice review

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