4Story Announces New PvP Region


Besides the in-game money purchasable cash items, 4Story will be introducing some new PvP areas. According to Zemi, the new PVP area will be designed to be similar to Chaos Online, a pvp based mmorpg with a Warcraft III background.

4Story Announces Newbie Leveling Event


Zemi Interactive has announced a new leveling contest in their global version of 4Story. All players that successfully fulfill the requirements will receive $30 worth of cash shop currency and a chance at winning a new monitor!

4StoryÂ’s Refinement Events


A huge amount of fun from 4Story comes from upgrading and refining items and gear. Refining is basically the function of adding additional stat options to your armors or weapons. Players are able to go to a specific NPC and add on different stat options of their choice to make their strong weapons and armors even stronger!

4Story: Endless Events


Zemi Interactive’s 4Story Team has been running event after event, always trying to come up with new ideas for fun activities for the players to experience in-game. What is most intriguing and unique about 4Story Events is that most of the time they will be run by GMs, and players can directly interact with the GMs in game, making the community more lively and user friendly.

EXCLUSIVE 4Story Interview – Broa… Come Out to Play-ayyy!


With the onset of this new 4Story update, players are excited to see how the game can integrate a third faction and be successful in including a new faction in the intense RvR combat the game offers. Today, to reveal the newest update and faction that has come to 4Story, Sin Hyeon Ho sat down with us today in an exclusive interview that will give you the latest details on the Broa faction and what's hot with 4Story Online.