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ACR Drift is a free-to-play racing game designed exclusively for iOS devices. Players take on the role of international street racers as they weave through traffic, drift through hairpin turns, and otherwise put the pedal to the metal in head-to-head competition with AI opponents or fellow players.


Sweet Moves: Drift racing is more than just the name of the game, it's the main focus. Winning races means whipping and sliding through turns like you're trying to collect on a life insurance policy. Dodging traffic, outmaneuvering the competition and drifting like a pro are all just a swipe away with CROOZ's innovative, iOS-specific controls.

Own Your Ride: It's not the size of the car that matters, it's how many illegal aftermarket parts you've put on it. In ACR Drift, buying a car is only the first step. Mod the body to make it look as sweet as it drives, then mod everything else so it drives even sweeter than it looks. With over 50 licensed cars to choose from, the choices you make are guaranteed to stand out.

Race Around the World: From Russia to Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Italy, nitro boost and power slide your way through some of the world's grandest and most famous cities. If that wasn't enough, the online multiplayer component offers players the chance to take on fellow racers playing ACR Drift across 135 countries. Do you have what it takes to become an international legend?

Truly Free to Play: The premium currency has its benefits, but you're never forced to buy it. Pay your way to a better car by winning races, win some more races with your better car to make even more money. ACR Drift is about speed, timing and skill. Don't want to buy your way to the top? Race your way there.

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    Gameplay and general info trailer featuring an EPIC 90s style electric guitar solo.

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