Adventure Quest Worlds

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    Artix Entertainment

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    Free To Play, 2D Fantasy

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Adventure Quest Worlds is a Free to Play MMORPG created by Artix Entertainment. The game is based on the original ‘Adventure Quest’ which already was a stunning browser RPG.

In Adventure Quest Worlds, you will start in a magical world where you have to battle monsters, finish many quests, unlock lots of features, battle against your friends and protect your citizens! Adventure Quest Worlds will bring your imagination alive!

AQ Worlds features four starting classes and dozens of special classes, and all players can multi-class and play any class they want. The game also offers group loot, the ability to upgrade any weapon, freedom to recustomize your character, and weekly updates with hundreds of quests waiting for you to complete.

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Game Videos

  • AQWorlds Throne Of Darkness Trailer

    AdventureQuest Worlds reveals the Throne of Darkness, a seven part saga that begins April 14.

  • Artix’s Battle Wedding

    Artix's Adam Bohn took on more than expected this weekend when attending his wedding. Oh the live of a game designer.

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  • alicia

    😐 i dont like how they use the chat sistem… they should just let them chat and if they say somthin bad just bann them from da game 😛 preaty oveuss im ate dont jusde me i dont know how to spell perfectly.. |:|