Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders 3 revives a classic and highly acclaimed series focused on competitive empire building in a world of fantastic magic, powerful heroes, and creatures ranging from ugly and deranged to beautifully mystic. Custom your leader's looks and powers, build your throne city, and set out to conquer the world with a mixture of tactical hexagon combat and world overview city management.


Multiplayer: Build a scenario and take up on to seven friends in eight player competitive games.

Extensive Random Map Generator: Adjust your preferences or just let the dice roll as Age of Wonders 3 builds out maps varying greatly in landscape, oceans, and more while keeping starting locations fair and balanced.

Leader Customization: Choose from one of dozens of preset leaders or create your own from scratch, including accessories, looks, colors, hairstyles, race, gender, class, spheres of specialization, and more that impacts gameplay. Then use them in combat as a hero unit that upgrades from combat.

Manage an Empire: Build cities, choose research, expand your population, and build structures to customize and specialize your cities as your war machine expands.

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