Aika Online Ashes of Betrayal Expansion Interview


We here on OnRPG just got word that Aika Online released the game's newest patch, Ashes of Betrayal. We were given the opportunity to talk to the people behind Aika Online to ask them about the game changes and about the things players may expect from this patch.

Aika Online Review: PvP Tour with GMs


Aika Online is a free-to-play MMORPG with a strong emphasis on Player vs. Player (PvP) content. Players can create characters with allegiances to five different nations and compete in small-scale battles for glory and bragging rights, or engage in huge 2000 player wars that could shape the face of an entire nation. In this tour, we'll be taking a quick peek at some of the PvP modes that Aika Online has to offer, including Relic Wars, Battlegrounds, and the Aitan Arena.

Aika’s Expansion Now Live


Gala-Net has released the first major content expansion for Aika Online, titled Ashes of Betrayal. The highly anticipated patch contains new features which enhance all aspects of the player experience, including a level cap increase to 60, expanded Nation vs. Nation wars, a dramatic new quest storyline, new areas, second tier class evolutions, and a nation population balance system which provides free in-game items.

Aika Expansion: Launching on June 17th!


The first of the two new map regions unveiled in Ashes of Betrayal is Darkrane Forest, the sublime but troubled backdrop to a series of all-new Aika adventures.  Featuring exotic new monsters and almost 100 new quests in an action-packed plot, Darkrane Forest will inspire the many fans of Aika's immersive storyline to fight once more against the treacherous forces that threaten the land of Lakia.

New Aika Expansion: Ashes of Betrayal!


We wanted to let you in on the exciting news: Aika's first expansion, Ashes of Betrayal, will include tons of new content and a raised level-cap! The upcoming release is scheduled for mid-June, so be on the lookout for more details in the following weeks.  For now, take a look at a sneak-peek screenshot of one of the new zones. Stay tuned for much more to come!