Albion Online: Now Greenlit Through Steam

NEWS Berlin-based studio Sandbox Interactive will be publishing their sandbox MMO Albion Online on Steam. A campaign to have the game Greenlit on Valve’s game distribution platform has been successfully ...

Albion Online: Summer Alpha Launched

NEWS The time has come: Berlin-based developer Sandbox Interactive today launched the next closed alpha of their cross-platform Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. As of now, adventurers can explore the medieval...

Albion Online’s founder packs launched

NEWS Sandbox Interactive, the team behind the cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online, are moving into the next stage of development and releasing founder’s packs. There are three different packs offeri...

Albion Online Overhauls Destiny Board

NEWS Sandbox Interactive today unveils a brand new kind of Destiny Board for their upcoming cross-platform Sandbox MMO, Albion Online. A sandbox MMO where the player’s choices shape the world, with playe...


  • Carl

    What is founder if the game is supposedly free? Is the game going to be free in App Store and option for founder to buy to get early advantages or does everyone buy the game?

  • yardm

    beyler bişe dicem bu oyun ücretlimii

  • Anders Spælling

    Greatest disappointment in a game in 20 years of gaming. I strongly suggest NOT to buy the founders pack as they are not refundable once redeemed.

    One-dimensional combat. Crafting is a tedious grind. Graphics are obviously shitty, but that is acceptable if the gameplay was good. It’s not.