APB Reloaded Celebrates a Year as a Top-Five Free2Play Title on Steam


In the coming weeks, APB Reloaded will introduce the Settling the Score update, with an improved District instancing mechanic, a new scoring system that balances arrests, kills and mission objectives, and new way for players to choose their own spawn point after death.

Update 1.9.0 Launches in APB Reloaded


Following the blockbuster success of 1.8.0 , update 1.9.0 introduces new Joker Tickets that gives players new ways to earn items without spending money.

New Content Bonanza Ignites APB Reloaded


Following the successful 1.7.0 update last month, update 1.8.0 introduces new Weapon Skins that give the citizens of San Paro the power to customize the look of their weapons.

APB: Reloaded: Still Running on Empty


It's time to see if all the tweaks to this refurbished machine will finally turn this APB into the high action online game we've all been hoping for.

APB: Reloaded Much More Than A Simple Relaunch!


Back in November of last year we broke the news that APB was making a comeback under the capable wings of GamersFirst and at GDC we have seen that this is NOT vaporware. APB is back under the great name APB: Reloaded and GamersFirst is doing some fantastic work on reworking the core mechanics of the game to not only bring APB back, but to bring it back a much better game than before!


  • omri

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  • Wuffles

    Ah, APB Reloaded…Stay away, folks. Nothing but cash shop winners and a bunch of hackers that track through walls. Also, no barrier between higher end means starting off is a pain in the ass.

  • mikeal