ArcheBlade – Early Access Review

REVIEW By Michael Sagoe (Mikedot), OnRPG Journalist   With the MOBA genre becoming more and more popular every day, some game developers have attempted to stir the genre up by throwing in a handful of u...

ArcheBlade – Closed Beta Impressions


The game is set to include 10 different characters, each with their own unique fighting styles, and all brought to you by Epic's Unreal 3 Engine.

  • Matthew

    Will I be able to play it on Mac?

    • TheMightyQuin

      just buy a PC macs suck for all gaming and it needs two mouse buttons so you’re SOL at the moment

      • LOJK

        um just get a bluetooth mouse

  • Sdqdsdq

    this game is bagger from the bovenste plank

    • Pinoccio

      dat komt omdat jij zuigt in PvP spellen

  • JustAsking

    Do i need a special joystick to play?

  • Achiel

    This game is actually pretty good when you’ve spent time on it. In early levels, it might seem like mindless button mashing when fighting other newbies. That’s what most people might think at the beginning until later ranks where you do need to do more than mash your buttons to win.

    Archeblade has pretty high potential.

  • Achiel

    Archeblade’s Indiegogo Campaign just went live!

  • makaveli

    Go and fix this fuckin gear up system. I was buying items and my game crashed and the game got my gold but did give me any item ffs !!!!!