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Arrow Heads is an upcoming 3D MOBA shooter developed by OddBird available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC. With a fun art style and exciting level of competition, Arrow Heads won both Best Overall Game and Artistic Achievement at the 2016 Level Up: Student Showcase. Test your skills behind the bow in Arrow Heads and become the master archer you've always wanted to be. Show your friends just what you can do once you've got a bow and arrow in your hands!


Archery Mechanics: Use mechanics that make it seem like you're shooting a real bow and arrow, trying to eliminate your opponents.

Arena Battles: Fight in unique, dynamic arenas with interactable elements that you can use to your advantage in numerous ways.

Multiplayer: Fighting with or against your friends is much better than playing yourself. Battle in local and online multiplayer matches to take down waves of enemies or other players.

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