Atlantica Online: Through the Ages


Just like in any old-school turn-based RPGs, players will never fight alone thanks to its mercenary system. As you progress in the game you'll be able to unlock up to 9 mercenary slots.

Atlantica Online Kicks off 3rd Year Anniversary


The debut of the warlord mercenary Khun Phaen is stirring up the Atlantica world with his powerful skills and exclusive ability to use an orb, in addition to a sword which grants him the highest levels of magical defense and intelligence of all melee mercenaries.

Atlantica Online December Update is Now Live!


A swarm of new updates are now available for the strategic turn-based MMO, Atlantica Online. The large-scale update includes a new dungeon, an overhauled Tactical Battle System, new journeys, and more.

  • Cracker05

    Does anyone know of any games similar to this one? I used to play in college, and ended up stopping for about a year after I was forced to get a new PC. I re-downloaded it yesterday and was shocked to discover my account was gone. I don’t wanna restart this game, but would like to try another game similar to this where you control different chars.