Attack on Titan 2

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Attack on Titan 2 is a fast-paced hyper-violent action game based on the wildly popular source material of the same name. Equip the infamous omni-directional maneuver gear once again and continue the fight against the oppressive titans! Available for the PlayStation 4.


Future Coordinates: Experience a story parallel to the anime's second season where humanity continues to struggle against the Armored and Colossus titans.

Bigger and Better: Discover an abundance of all new game mechanics.

Mikasa Su Kasa: Live and die with comrades new and old.

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Game Videos

  • Attack on Titan 2 – Expulsion Mode (Free-For-All mode)

    Get ready for the new FFA (free for all) mode today in Attack on Titan 2, Expulsion Mode! It's found in "Another mode", and there you will decide which of

  • Attack on Titan 2 Offers A New Perspective on the Story

    Attack on Titan 2 is now live from Koei Tecmo, for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam. The game allows players to experience the game

  • Attack on Titan 2 – Opening Trailer

    It's nearly time to destroy those dastardly Titans once again! March 20th, 2018 is the release date for Attack on Titan 2 for PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC!

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