Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is Snail Games' attempt to break the mold of standard fantasy MMORPGs by combining all the major elements that people love in an MMORPG. Dwarves, giants, vampires, mechas, steampunk, fantasy... yup it's all here in abundance with a rich graphical presentation.



Massive Customization: With 6 races split between 2 alignments, 8 primary class trees and 24 sub-branches of those classes, players won't be lacking in the ability to differentiate themselves from others. Will you join with the Kingdom of Isenhorst's humans, dwarves, and vampires, or the Union of Erlandir's humans, kosh, and brutes?

Different Alignment, Different Class Options: Just because humans are on both sides of the war doesn't mean they are identical. With the influence of their local region, each race has expanded in different directions with magic and technology to offer completely different class trees to choose from.

Branching Story: There is more than one way to the level 60 cap in Dark Gold Online. Depending on which assignments you accept, you may end up taking a very different approach to the final destination each time you start a new character.

Plate Armor System: Specialize as a Mechanical Knight and choose from one of three style of Mechs to wreck your opponent's day. Customize your mech to build a unique style all to your own.

Spell Customization: Have you mastered the elements of fire and air? Why not combine them to unlock even more powerful combinations. Players will be able to craft their own spells through combining basic spells.

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