Blade & Soul Rising Waters Launches February 10

ARTICLE Blade & Soul will launch its next major update, “Rising Waters,” tomorrow, Wednesday February 10, 2016. Rising Waters will bring Bloodshade Harbor, an instance for 4-player and 6-playe...

Blade & Soul Launch Review

REVIEW Written by Michael Sagoe (Mikedot), East Coast Editor Additional Images by Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), Portal Manager   It’s finally here… After several years of anticipation, North America a...

Blade & Soul Head Start Begins

ARTICLE NCSoft has begun Blade & Soul‘s Head Start Access. Players with a Founder’s Pack can begin their adventures today, and those who haven’t yet purchased the pack can buy one before...

Blade & Soul – CBT5 Impressions – Four Warriors

FEATURE By Michael Sagoe (mikedot)   The final NA/EU closed beta test for Blade & Soul has just been completed, and with it comes my final look at the game prior to full release. This time, I’ll be...
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