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Blitzkrieg 3 is an innovative real-time strategy game, blending single-player and multiplayer modes to breathe new life into the RTS genre. It continues the successful Blitzkrieg series, which has won over forty awards, including numerous "Game of the Year" and "Editor's Choice" accolades.


Persistent Base: Players will have a persistent base that can be built up and used between missions to research technology, recruit units, and otherwise enhance armies. This is a new feature for the Blitzkrieg series.

Hectic RTS Gameplay: True to its name, Blitzkrieg 3 is a game that rewards aggressive, brutal strategies and decisive advances. The game is rife with explosions, violence, and dangerous battles. Casualties and catastrophes can happen in the blink of an eye, with combat being largely unforgiving and challenging.

Asynchronus Multiplayer: Players build up their bases, defenses, and units in rel-time. However, if players are not present to defend their base, the defenses are automated by AI, while the attacking player still controls his or her units. This allows players to interact with each other's forces whether or not they're present and online.

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