Bloodline Champions: New Server Available

ARTICLE The Bloodline Champions servers are being moved. The new servers will be run by Stunlock. The move will be done on January 28th. Log into the game within 2 weeks and get a “Welcome to the new server...

Bloodline Champions Review – Seems Familiar


Bloodline Champions is a free to play MMO that resembles Warcraft 3's Defense of the Ancients custom map. The game revolves completely around PVP and greatly relies on  teamwork. With other DoTA-inspired games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth hitting the scene, it was no surprise that games like this would follow. While the game resembles some of the titles stated above, Bloodline Champions also has its own unique features. It looks reaaaaaally similar to its game play brothers in my opinion, but is it really good enough to compete with the games it tried so hard to copy? I seriously doubt that this game is an MMO as it plays and runs like its predecessors (which would technically mean that DoTA is an MMO).

Bloodline Champions Interview: No Crits, All Skill


Bloodline Champions is an exciting arena-based PvP game brought to us by Stunlock Studios, we sat down with Tau Petersson the CEO of Stunlock Studios to ask some questions on this highly anticipated title.