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Boid is a minimalist real-time strategy game that's optimized for touch-screens and mobile platforms. The objective of the game is to defeat enemy units with armies, while navigating complex maps and building armies.


Reduced Fat RTS: Boid is a real-time strategy game. Strategy, tactics, commands, and movement of troops all happen in real-time - but unlike other games of its type, Boid has minimalist graphics and bright visuals. It is all about the mechanics and the game itself.

Vivid Visuals: Despite their simplicity, the visuals are bright, with stark contrasts and sleek animation. What they lack in complexity, they make up for in functionality. The intention is to make battles easy to follow, and troop movements easy to organize.

Microbial Units: The units themselves resemble cells and antibodies. Points can be taken, turned over, and remade into production centers. Boid is intended to be a game of true skill, easy to balance, easy to support, and simple to learn.

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