Borderlands 2

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    Gearbox Software

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    PC, PS3, Xbox360

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Borderlands 2 is prepared to be the badass sequel to its predecessor, Borderlands. Featuring new characters, skills, and environments, live up to the challenge and enter a new story in the world of Pandora alone or with friends. With flexible co-op and intense action, there's never a dull moment in Pandora.


Local & Remote Co-op: Play split-screen co-op locally with friends, or online with the ability to drop in, or out, as life demands, with up to four people.

New Characters: Meet Salvador, Maya, Axton, and Zero in a new storyline continued from the original Borderlands.

New Weapons and Vehicles: Prepare for a new load-out of weapons, plus vehicles with improved physics and support for a full co-op party.

True to the Original: Borderlands 2 still features the same character progression systems, including quests, skills, and specializations, that were found in Borderlands.

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    I love it so much man