Friday MMOHuts Stream (10/10): Borderlands 2

NEWS   JamesBl0nde is now live on Twitch.TV playing Borderlands 2! Watch the team gaming it up and get a preview of upcoming First Look videos with us every Friday at 11am PST! Watch live video from J...

OnRPG MMOHuts Best of PAX Prime 2012 Awards PT 1


It's been a wild week of coverage here at OnRPG and MMOHut and there's still plenty more to come! But for now we offer up our picks for the titles that really wowed us at PAX Prime.

PAX Prime 2012: Borderlands 2 Closed Doors Demo


I promised it. You asked for it. And without even having a press meeting I managed to talk my way past the 3 hour line to make sure I could report on Borderlands 2!


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