Born to Fire Online

Born to Fire is the latest title set to join the AeriaGames roster. It offers fast paced FPS action in a F2P title.



Character Oriented: Build your own character, teaching then unique skills from among 5 classes.

One-Click Matchmaking: Hop straight into game with ease of mind knowing your opponents will be matched to your skill level.

Replay: Record matches and trade the video files with your friends to show your greatest moments.

Massive Content: With 16 maps, 5 intense modes, and tons of character customization, this game brings the full package straight at launch. The game offers up to 8v8 matches.

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  • gameboyrim

    D: somebody help i can’t find it send me the link or what ever when ever i try to go to areia games it just show the home page plz help D:

  • proxus

    i cant play it did it shut down????