Bounty Hounds Online

The game is based on Bounty Hounds, the 2006 PSP game developed by the same company. The MMORPG version was recently unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show 2009, and the official plot and storyline is not revealed. Players will most probably be playing as a bounty hunter, in charge of completing various quests by killing or capturing specific monsters and gain huge rewards.
Why is it hot:
Bounty Hounds Online is only one of the few Taiwanese developed MMORPGs this year. The sci-fi settings is also rather unique, with not many similar games seen in the Chinese MMORPG market, let alone a full 3D one. And take into account that the developer did a console version of it, they should really know what they want in the online version. The screenshots looks promising so far for a early build.
Game features:
-There will be 5 classes to choose from: Agent, Bio Soldier, Striker, Blaster and Engineer.
-Robotic pets will be available to each class. These pets will be able to transform from beast to humanoid mode, and even evolve with new looks through various upgrading. These pets can buff players, debuff enemies, learn an array of skills and attacks with the owner.
-Every class will have the ability to equip and engage in both melee and ranged combat.

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  • Bounty Hounds Online CGI Trailer

    OnRPG received word that Bounty Hounds Online is nearing its closed beta. Stay tuned as more coverage is sure to follow....

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