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Brawl Busters differentiates itself from the norm with a wicked cool animation style that can only be described as a love child of Team Fortress and Guilty Gear. Once you get in game you will understand, as a wicked witch can zoom at you with her guitar calling down lightning from the sky!

In Brawl Busters, you choose from 1 of 5 very unique classes, including Boxer, Firefighter, Slugger, Blitzer, and Rocker. Then its time to unleash hell. Whether in coop vs AI or head to head mode, you will be in a constant struggle to bring the pain to all who stands in your way. This game is all about action, looking more like a first person shooter than an MMORPG.

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  • AlphaHaze


  • marek

    Why is canceled Brawl and when it will be restored?

  • brawlerko

    Oh no Rip BB

  • brawlerko

    Please come back

  • Recon_GTA


  • BrawlBustersLover


  • BrawlBusterLover

    :( ((

  • Owned__You

    Best Game Ever !!! cant understand why noone do a PrivatServer of it

    • Alexandru Shaiya

      we don’t have the necesary files for make one or toutorial

  • Eliasz Warzocha


  • Gabi


  • matic

    yeah BB wus the best game ever

  • S0NNNdskil

    So be careful about the people at Riot Games that I filmed and kill myself if you do Brawl Buster.Glumeam but I want to make it back because many players will play if you redo a lot varog was formed jocu my childhood :) )

  • Alexandru Shaiya

    Search Dev And Server File For Brawl Buster’s i have and host and webhost prepared

  • Albin Sjöström

    why did you do that

  • Albin Sjöström

    close it