Brawl Busters gets Zombiefied with “Brawl of the Dead” Update


Prepare for Zombie Infection! In this new mode, Demon Rock -- the main zombie -- has been resurrected into one of the Busters and will stop at nothing to turn Mega City's population into Little Leaguers and Skulls.

Brawl Busters Launches Mission Improbable


It's time to clean out your locker. The update will also feature the Item Sellback system. Players can sell old stuff back to the game, keeping a fresh collection of items at all times!

Brawl Busters Releases Rumble in the Box


The new map, Riot Mill, is now open for brawling! Grind your opponents to a pulp on this multi-level arena like there's no tomorrow.

Brawl Busters: Casual Beatdown


Making your character standout is easy thanks to the game's character customization. Players can choose from eight different body types, three face styles and five skin tones, and more.


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    Why is canceled Brawl and when it will be restored?

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    Oh no Rip BB

  • brawlerko

    Please come back

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