Brawl Busters Launches Commercially with New Boss Mode


With the official launch, Rock Hippo Productions has released a brand new exciting trailer alongside scrumptious screenshots featuring festive new accessories and attire, a new City Hall Map and a new Boss Battle Mode.

Brawl Busters Hurdles into CB Phase 2


The Second Closed Beta Phase offers a complete overhaul and fine-tuning of the network infrastructure to create a seamless and fast brawling experience.

Brawl Busters – Sagoe Impressions


Now I know some of you may be thinking: "Isn't this just another Team Fortress 2 ripoff?" and you can STOP RIGHT THERE because it is in fact NOT a TF2 clone! The gameplay is original.

  • AlphaHaze


  • marek

    Why is canceled Brawl and when it will be restored?

  • brawlerko

    Oh no Rip BB

  • brawlerko

    Please come back

  • Recon_GTA


  • BrawlBustersLover


  • BrawlBusterLover


  • Owned__You

    Best Game Ever !!! cant understand why noone do a PrivatServer of it

    • Alexandru Shaiya

      we don’t have the necesary files for make one or toutorial

  • Eliasz Warzocha


  • Gabi


  • matic

    yeah BB wus the best game ever

  • S0NNNdskil

    So be careful about the people at Riot Games that I filmed and kill myself if you do Brawl Buster.Glumeam but I want to make it back because many players will play if you redo a lot varog was formed jocu my childhood :))

  • Alexandru Shaiya

    Search Dev And Server File For Brawl Buster’s i have and host and webhost prepared

  • Albin Sjöström

    why did you do that

  • Albin Sjöström

    close it