Jumping C9 Event Trailer


C9 is offering instant level 50 characters via codes offered through various outlets. Keep an eye on our social networks in case we get a second batch!

C9 Mystic Launch Trailer


Webzen introduces the Mystic Class to C9, a little girl with a great big hammer.

C9 Fourth Expansion Trailer


Get ready for the greatest threat yet as Webzen reveals a teaser trailer for C9‘s next expansion.


  • Elizabeth Howard

    What can I say? Is this vaporware or is it dead? Click play now and get a blank screen and nothing more. What a teaser.

  • sad1

    it takes a several hours to download the set up…can you make a direct download to the game…

  • shirhan

    where to download

  • Lewis

    can you show me were the download is?