Camelot Unchained Alpha Interview Featuring Mark Jacobs

INTERVIEW Camelot Unchained Alpha Interview Featuring Mark Jacobs Questions by Darren Henderson (DizzyPW) Answers Mark Jacobs, President and Co-Founder City State Entertainment   It’s been over a wee...

Camelot Unchained Curves the CUBE

NEWS New post-PAX update from CityState Games today revealed progress on the newest edition to their structure construction system,CUBE, the only current 24/7 system available to backers of Camelot Unchain...

Storybricks Announces Its Closure

NEWS It seems that Daybreak’s choice to end its partnership with Storybricks on EverQuest Next was only a lead up to worse news for the company, which has announced its closure in its latest newslett...

Camelot Unchained’s Alpha Has Started

NEWS Today, City State Entertainment has announced the launch of Alpha One for its upcoming MMO, Camelot Unchained. Not only does the game’s alpha become available for players, an extra bonus –...


  • waco

    here we go again,i want to address the stealther,.Everyone who invents a mmo always screw up the stealther.You try to dumb the toon down ,just lkie Daoc there is no reason to have a stealth if you are going to dumb him or her down and you will! Mr Jacobs uses the excuse about some silly veil,which just is another way fo dumbingdown the one has figured out how to make a stealther.I have been playing mmo for about 17 years and the only way you can fix a stealther is leave them alone or take them out of the game

    • Raygar

      Sounds to me like your advocating against putting stealth in to the game. Funny I know more then a few stealth haters doing the same thing. ;) Jokes aside though, I thought DAoC has been the only one to get stealth right. Not too strong, not too weak, good amount of counters to fight against them. I didn’t play stealth much, but boy did they add to the fun and randomness of the game. I would much rather see no stealth added to the game then them get it wrong though, but I think we differ on that definition.
      Mark has yet to sell me on the Veilwalker Stealther yet, but I’m willing to hear him out before I start judging and bashing the idea, though that gets hard from time to time with so little info on it and no grantee will even try that idea.