Camelot Unchained BSC Days Wrap-Up

FEATURE   Back in May, City State Entertainment promised us “Bat Shit Crazy” days, a special event that would contain a series of exciting announcements about the development of its RvR MMO, ...

Camelot Unchained: “BSC” Days Starting Today

NEWS After a bit of a delay in May/June, the BSC Days of July will be starting at 10AM EDT/2PM GMT today. For those who haven’t seen previous updates, this week is dedicated to Backers, without whose...

Camelot Unchained – Livestream going on NOW

NEWS Currently going on now, City State Entertainment is answering questions regarding their upcoming sandbox MMORPG: Camalot Unchained. So head on over to the Twitch Channel (


  • waco

    here we go again,i want to address the stealther,.Everyone who invents a mmo always screw up the stealther.You try to dumb the toon down ,just lkie Daoc there is no reason to have a stealth if you are going to dumb him or her down and you will! Mr Jacobs uses the excuse about some silly veil,which just is another way fo dumbingdown the one has figured out how to make a stealther.I have been playing mmo for about 17 years and the only way you can fix a stealther is leave them alone or take them out of the game