Camelot Unchained Introduces Class and Pathing Concepts

FEATURE Mark Jacob of CityState Entertainment has just concluded a livestream revealing initial musings of their horizontal progression class system in RvR Tri-Realm Sandbox MMORPG, Camelot Unchained. Althoug...

Camelot Unchained Armor Update Q&A Recap

FEATURE Today CityState Entertainment’s Mark Jacobs offered up a livestream Q&A discussing the reveal of initial design concepts for mage armor across the three factions of Camelot Unchained. The ke...


  • waco

    here we go again,i want to address the stealther,.Everyone who invents a mmo always screw up the stealther.You try to dumb the toon down ,just lkie Daoc there is no reason to have a stealth if you are going to dumb him or her down and you will! Mr Jacobs uses the excuse about some silly veil,which just is another way fo dumbingdown the one has figured out how to make a stealther.I have been playing mmo for about 17 years and the only way you can fix a stealther is leave them alone or take them out of the game