Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online is a F2P MOBA title from Aeria Games. Master and adapt your skills for victory in this true DOTA successor.


Skillful gameplay: You alone can turn the tides of battle. Surrender is for the weak.

Equipment switching: Re-equip items instantly to stay close to the action at all times.

True MOBA action: With a decade of expertise in the genre, the creators are offering you the combat you crave.

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Game Videos

  • Chaos Heroes Online Open Beta Trailer

    Fight for the Divine Union or the Immortal Legion in this new MOBA from Aeria Games....

  • Chaos Heroes Online: Hero Reveal Trailer #6

    Another big batch of heroes showcased. In this video are Garitos, Masato, Agnes, Mayreel, Ferghus, KingJoe, Malphas, Vesh, Murden, and Nero....

  • Chaos Heroes Online Hero Spotlight: Cedric

    Cedric is one of Ramian's greatest knights, and is showcased in this new spotlight....

Game Articles

  • Chaos Heroes Online: Closing Down Soon

    Aeria Games has recently announced that Chaos Heroes Online will close on the last week of February. All AP spent on the game will be fully refunded to...

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