New City of Steam: Arkadia Server Launching on March 3rd

NEWS Mechanist Games has announced that it has launched a new server for City of Steam: Arkadia today, March 3. The new server will include the latest game update, 2.4, to offer improved features, more con...

City of Steam – Gamerocks Going Live

NEWS Worldwide game publisher Gamerocks is happy to announce that City of Steam-Gamerocks is live at 6pm Pacific Time, today, January 23! Utilizing Unity 3D engine, this game has fabulous graphics despite ...

Shotgun News 10/22: GW2, City of Steam, TSW, and Much More!

NEWS Guild Wars 2 Introduces Tower of Nightmare Story Information on the next living story for Guild Wars 2 has been released today. You may have noticed a mysterious tower in the middle of the lake in Kes...


  • Mendacity Corsair

    The game blows dane cooks balls

  • Trozi KR

    now its p2w game