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City of Titans (previously called The Phoenix Project) is a community-run attempt to rebuild a new superhero MMO from the ashes of the City of Heroes community. Founded by players, the game is currently in early development, but hopes to be able to produce a new game based on the same theme and principles that players loved in the original game. The game is undergoing a Kickstarter project to gain the software and team required to keep the game sustainable for the long run.

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Game Videos

  • City of Titans: A New Dawn

    City of Titans reveals footage of its character costuming and combat systems.

  • City of Titans Map Optimization Demo

    Heroes take to the skies on the optimized city map for City of Titans.

  • City of Titans Kickstarter Announcement Trailer

    Missing Worlds Media has begun their Kickstarter to fund software acquisition and legal footwork for their upcoming revival of City of Heroes, City of Tita

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