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    Olauph Cpt.3
    I’ve played CA for almost 4 years;

    Not impressed. I’ve seen way better come from much smaller companies. The game is fun, but it has more than its share of problems. Almost all of the problems it has (with the exception of hackers) is do to Nexon’s own dumb mistakes. Most of the worst ideas Nexon’s had are purely based on profitability, with no thought into the long term affects. If you need an example; the entire arsenal. Nexon advertises how many weapons they have added to the game over the years. What they fail to realize is that NONE of these weapons, in the slightest way, do not resemble the guns who’s names they bare. Nor do they talk about how half of the weapons are actually the same gun with a different paint job, or a scope that you cannot remove.
    Did I mention there are no iron sights . . .

    In my opinion AVA is a MUCH higher quality game. Even though it bugs me that AVA pretends the EU is NATO, and that the Nato Response Force (NRF) is Russia.

    AVA also has no iron sights 🙁

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