Crimecraft Releases Gang Wars Expansion


GangWars is a real game changer for CrimeCraft, the game has evolved to the point where it is accessible and can meet the expectations of casual and hard core players alike.

Crimecraft Bleedout- 2011 ReReview


Since 2009, the game has been updated, tweaked and reworked into a F2P MMO shooter with a handful of new content. But with all this and more, does this game finally have enough street cred?

Crimecraft Expansion Interview


I recently had to chat with Crimecraft developer Vogster Entertainment about its newest Bleedout expansion, and how it's all been going so far.

CrimeCraft Review: Hot town, Summer in the City…


Well it would wouldn't it? After all this isn't your normal city and being clean takes a back seat to staying alive. This is Sunshine City. This is the OnRPG CrimeCraft review.

CrimeCraft Weapons Customization


Get Strapped with the Deadly Arsenal in Vogster Entertainment’s CrimeCraft Weapons Customization Renders Available Now


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    even still running this game? please respond