Cross Fire Review: Alert The Armory!


Maps are very important in every FPS game. Most of the maps in Cross Fire are fairly balanced and well planned (especially Destruction Mode maps). Not all maps though are suitable for the same play style.

Cross Fire Releases Free Undead Update


In Cross Fire's new Zombie Mode, up to 4 players can team up to fend off waves of Undead Zombies, Mutants and Monsters across two new maps: the cursed burial ground of Unearth and the underground biochemical testing facility, Biohazard.

Cross Fire Announces Christmas Patch


Just In Time For The Holidays, Cross Fire Introduces Latest Update Featuring New Christmas Weapons, Maps And More!  

Cross Fire Interview: It’s All in the Detail


Crossfire is a great and free FPS game. There are many modes and maps to choose from with many updates coming. Watch out for the future updates such as Zombie Mode and Voice chat!

Cross Fire Review: One You Must Try


Although at first glance Cross Fire will seem like another generic FPS (First Person Shooter), it really isn't. Cross Fire has many unique features which stand out from other FPS games. This is a game you must try.