Cuisine Royale

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  • Developer:
    Darkflow Software

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    Shooter, Strategy

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Cuisine Royale was originally created by Darkflow Software as an April fools day satire of Battle Royale games. However, due to its popularity it was launched as a standalone game and is now available on Steam.


Everything but the kitchen sink: Use your wok to protect your torso and your colander to stop your brain from draining out, while sporting the most stylish boxers on the map.

Fair Play: Play in first or third person, but without worrying about it being abused.

Totally Free to Play: There's a cash shop for cosmetics only. No Pay-To-Win here!

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  • Cuisine Royale Gameplay Trailer

    Developed by Darkflow Software, Cuisine Royale is a Battle Royale in which you'll throw everything but the kitchen sink at your enemy.

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