Dark Blood Releases New Thief Class


Outspark introduced a new Thief class to Dark Blood today, adding dozens of deadly skills, weapons, and armor to this already intense hack n slash side-scrolling action fighting RPG.

Dark Blood Launches Cave of the Abyss


Valuable prizes await including a Champion of the Week flying flag above the winning character to let everyone know who is top dog, a boosted drop rate, and a way cool ride a la Ghostrider.

Outspark Introduces Thrilling Tag Combat to Dark Blood Online


Dark Blood, the hit free-to-play hardcore action MMORPG arcade brawler, released an exciting new Tag Mode to its PvP system that enables players to duel in the arena by toggling between two characters.

Dark Blood Unleashes Massive Content Update


Just one week after its wildly successful open beta launch, Outspark is making good on its promise of providing a steady stream of fresh, exciting content for its hit free-to-play fighting game, Dark Blood.


  • Jo

    Outspark is no longer. This game is well, no longer here unless another publisher takes over.

  • kristian thomasse
  • Eliel Silverio

    because I can not play here in Brazil?

  • Eliel Silverio

    why cant play here in Brazil?

  • asdas

    brasiill alguem aki q joga esse game é do brasiilll

    • joe99


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  • goodsinister

    can always download it here: http://hoa.megaxus.com/

    it’s in Bahasa but no IP block and whatsoever, I can guide you if you add me in game